Film - October 06

27th October 06

Namchok Daengphut's - 'Mask of the Dead'

Upcoming from Thai director Namchok Daengphut, is the Horror movie ‘the Mask of the Dead’. We’ve not been able to find a huge amount of info on the film as yet, except for the great looking poster, and a very long synopsis from the films production company website. In the aged century, the tale of traditional Siamese Takohn Mask that turned Love to Rage was born. It all started with the love triangle among Lord Chiang Roonk of Chiang Roonk Dynasty who deeply fell in love with Princess Pin Lar, whose heart was given to NaKen – a knight of Chiang Tung. In attempt to kidnap the princess, Lord Chiang Roonk and his masked troops ambushed the parade of Princess Pin Lar and her sister, Princess Dao Fa, while on the way to the temple for Lanna traditional merits making ceremony. Reported by the horseman, Lord Wang Kum of Chiang Tung along with NaKen and the troops dashed to rescue theirs lover princesses. In the middle of the chaotic and fierce battle, in just one strike, Lord Wang Kum’s sharp sword cut Lord Chiang Roonk’s head off his shoulder. NaKen threw Lord Chiang Roonk’s head, which was still attached to the his mask, into Mhan River, believed able to imprison all evil spirits. In present day, a fashion advertising agency was shooting a short film with international models to promote the sophisticated beauty of the oriental garments and fabrics. Given the concept “Thai Garments and the Masks”, as traditional tale, the production was set at Mhan river. While the crew was busy getting everything ready for shooting, John – a curious and self-centered model, dove into the river. While finding himself surrounded with thousands of Takohn masks, he noticed one shining golden mask that had a skull attached to it. Without telling anyone, John took the golden mask, leaving the skull on the bottom of the river, not knowing his greed has released Lord Chiang Roonk’s evil spirit from captivity. A lifeless body was found the next day by the river. Jakra, a young and charming police offer was assigned to investigate this case. While investigating, he found many more increasing mysterious deaths. While John was found dead in his hotel room, the other models, Louis’s and Mai’s bodies were found in the forest. Their heads were chopped off. Pin and Pad, the model sisters, had premonitions of the worse to come. Kan and Pal were skeptical and trying to figure out what caused these mysterious deaths. The answer revealed itself after Kara, Araty and Perter were found brutally killed. The truth of the past, love, revenge and grudge behind the mask that John brought up from the river. The ghost of Lord Chiang Roonk appeared in middle of crowded fashion show. Armed with his primitive hook weapon, his only mission was to kill every reincarnated soul who was involved in the last battle. What could stop this grudge? Who would win in this battle? Their lives were at stake.


26th October 06

'The Banquet' - Available to pre-order on DVD

You can’t but help to be impressed with the speed that Asian studios turn around their DVD releases, after having been so recently in cinemas. In this case Feng Xiaogang's epic ‘The Banquet’ is already available (released on Nov 4th) to pre-order. Both in a standard edition, and a rather snazzy 2 disc boxed set.





‘The Banquet’ pre-order standard edition

‘The Banquet’ pre-order special edition


25th October 06

2nd trailer for Wisit Sasanatieng's Horror - 'The unseeable'

The guys over at have picked up that a second trailer for director Wisit Sasanatieng's much anticipated horror 'The Unseeable', has just gone live on the official site. This version has a darker and more sinister feel too it than the first. Great stuff.







'The Unseeable' trailer 2 (Windows media)


25th October 06

Pan Nalin to direct - 'Buddha'

Writer Director Pan Nalin has signed on to direct "Buddha," the story of Siddhartha, for Barnet Bain Films. Shooting will start in the spring 07 in India and Nepal. Bain and Nalin are producing; Peter Russell and Tinker Lindsay co-produce. Nalin's first feature, 'Samsara,' was shot in the Tibetan language and has grossed more than $20 million worldwide. His new project, the more epic 'Valley of the Flowers,' a $6 million production filmed in Hindi and Japanese, will be released theatrically in about 30 countries early next year.







24th October 06

Website live for - 'The Legend of Sudsakorn'

It looks great, and seems of the verge of being fully active, as all the animations, menus etc are in place. The visuals (a boy and his Dragon) are definitely reminiscent of ‘The Never Ending Story.’ This is going to be a big budget, high earner for production company Mono films, this December.






'The Legend of Sudsakorn' (Official Site)


23rd October 06

'Isabella' - Tops Bangkok film festival

A worthy winner this weekend. ‘Isabella’ has won the Top prize at the World Film Festival of Bangkok this Sunday. A quiet thriller by Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung ‘Isabella’ tells the story of a Macao police officer's bachelor life, that is interrupted by the daughter he never knew he fathered. Other winners at the festival, which ran Oct. 11-23, were "Seeds of Doubt" for screenplay; "Climates" (Iklimer), by Turkish helmer Nuri Bilge Ceylan, for cinematography; and "12:08 East of Bucharest," which took a special jury prize. The People's Choice Award went to "The Banquet" (no surprise there then), the fest's opening film. The event, backed by the Tourism authority of Thailand, is in its fourth year. Festival director Kriengsak "Victor" Silakong said the Thai public was seemingly more aware of the festival this year and 70% of the available tickets were sold. [Source]


Isabella’ (Official Site)


22nd October 06

Exclusive: Concept art for Stan Winstons - 'The Deaths of Ian'

We have turned up some concept art for horror film veteran Stan Winston's upcoming film, 'The deaths of Ian'. The story: Ian Stone (Mike Vogel) is an all-American kid with a great life and a loving and devoted girlfriend, Jenny Walker (Christina Cole). Late one night, while driving home from a painful loss on the field, Ian comes across a bewildering discovery; what looks like a dead body near the railroad tracks. Investigating the grisly discovery, Ian is attacked by the ‘corpse’, forced onto the tracks and run over by an oncoming train. Only to wake up in an office cubicle! He’s still alive and living with a beautiful but eerily mysterious woman called Medea (Jaime Murray). Jenny is still there, but she’s not his girlfriend, just a co-worker and one of a number of apparently familiar faces. That’s when Ian learns he is being hunted. Every day at the same time the clocks stop and someone, or something, comes for him and kills him. The only problem is Ian won’t stay dead. He wakes in a new life and new place each day, only to find the cycle repeating itself. He is desperately searching for someone to help him make sense of what’s going on before his pursuers succeed in killing him for the last time! To see the rest of the artwork, and read a much more detailed synopsis of the movie, click here.


22nd October 06

Exclusive: International poster for - 'Blood and Chocolate'

Directed by Katja Von Garnier and Starring Olivier Martinez (Taking Lives, Unfaithful) and Agnes Bruckner (Murder by Number, The Glass House) ‘Blood and Chocolate’ is adapted from the novel the novel by Annette Curtis Klause. The film is the story of a teenage werewolf who has spent her life trying to hide the fact that she is part wolf. She must choose between her love for a human, and her pack family after her relationship with a visiting American threatens to expose her secret. Whilst most sites are listing this as opening first in the U.S. in January 07, two separate Malay films site are quoting it as launching there in December 06. You can check out the poster full size, from the link below.




Blood and Chocolate’ (Poster)


21st October 06

Clive Barker to remake - 'Hellraiser'

And this is no vague unfounded internet rumour. From the man himself via Revelations and Fango, he has announced in an interview he intends to remake his most famous film to date. The debate about this will now no doubt rage for weeks on end. My only thoughts on the matter are, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and if anyone was going to do it then who better than Barker. You can read the full annoucement from the link below.







20th October 06

French Serial Killer Thriller - 'Ne le dis à personne'

Starring Britain's very own Kristin Scott Thomas 'Ne le dis à personne' aka 'Tell No One' tells the story of David Beck (Francois Cluzet) who's wife Margot was savagely murdered by a serial killer 8 years ago. He has now rebuilt his life, but never forgotten his lost love. He finished medical school and establishes himself as a successful pediatrician. On the anniversary of their first date Beck receives a mysterious anonymous e-mail. Clicking on an photo attached to the mail, he sees the face of a woman in the middle of a crowd. The picture is dated today, the woman is Margot…..




'Tell No One' (Official Site)


19th October 06

Site live for - 'The passion'

The website for the survival horror ‘The Passion’ has gone live. The main points of interest are a far better (center icon) quality trailer, and a load of stills from the movie. Looks good.




The Passion(Official Site)


18th October 06

First still from Thai Fantasy - 'Queen of Lung-Gasuka'

Only one so far alas, but even that gives us some idea of the scale of the production. The set in the pic looks hugely lavish, and has us eager to see more! For more background details and a summary of the plot, you can check out our original story on the movie posted way way back on August 18th.


18th October 06

New independent Dutch Horror - 'Horizonica'

Director Ramon Etman’s ‘Horizonica’ apparently holds the distinction of being the largest project in Dutch cinema history, to be entirely completed by using only volunteers. With a tiny budget, Etman managed to persuade various Dutch celebrities, actors, singers and DJs to join the cast and crew for free!

Synopsis: "Jenny, a young woman, seems to run through the forest aimlessly. A passing car stops and its driver helps her. The girl is pretty beaten up and speechless.. Then the story leaps back in time. In light of their initiation, two groups of sophomore students are dropped in the forest. Among them is Jenny. With a minimum of supplies they have to find their way back to the civilized world. What they don't know is that a strange disease is being spread in this civilized world. Not just a common 'flu, but a terrible virus that's infecting everyone in a rapid pace. A side effect is that it unleashes all evil in human beings. The students are facing hardships as well; slowly they start to realize what's going on and what started as an innocent adventure seems to end in a horrifying nightmare."

When you consider the film was made for just over $25,000, you cant help but be surprised by the quality of the result.Horizonica(Official Site)


17th October 06

Johnnie To's "Triad Election" - US release date have covered news that Johnnie To's ‘Triad Election (the sequel to his epic Election) is due for release in New York April 07. Synopsis: Jimmy (Hong Kong superstar Louis Koo) is in the running for the coveted post of Triad president. He faces resistance from his "godfather" Lok (Simon Yam), who has served his two-year term and makes an increasingly desperate effort to throw tradition to the wind and maintain his position. As the power plays escalate, so does the violence... Election 2 is an uncompromising film; violent, serious, politically controversial, and spectacularly unsympathetic. It also depends in large part on the viewer having seen its prequel.


Thanks to ‘Wong’ for the pointer.


'Triad Election' (Trailer)


17th October 06

French trailer & poster for – ‘The Host’

And very good it looks too. Joon-ho Bong’s mega grossing blockbuster ‘The Host’ is due to hit France on the 22nd November. We have turned up the poster and trailer for the French release, which offers a few new tantalising glimpses of the monster. Enjoy.







'The Host' Trailer (windows Media)


17th October 06

Rogue pick up - 'Blood on the Tracks'

According to the Hollwood Reporter, Rogue Pictures have bought the film rights to an upcoming vampire comic book titled "Blood on the Tracks," setting Neill Dela Llana and Ian Gamazon (pic left) to write and direct the adaptation. Michael Zoumas is on board to produce via his Zoom Entertainment, while Barry Levine is producing via his newly formed company Blatant Pictures. "Blood" revolves around a series of killings in the New York subway system. While at first it is thought to be the work of a serial killer, it later is revealed that the murders are the work of a vampire who has been living in the tunnels of the city from the days when it was still New Amsterdam. Agent John Levin, who represents Levine's company, came up with the initial concept and pitched it to Levine. Levine was setting up a comic book company named Radical Comics that also would produce movies via an arm called Blatant Pictures. He took it to author/comic writer David Tischman, who shares co-creator credit. Tischman will exec produce.


16th October 06

First trailer for 'Cicak-Man' - Malaysia’s first superhero

We covered news last month on Malaysia's first superhero ‘Cicak- Man’. Now the first trailer for the movie has arrived on Youtube, it has pretty much confirmed what initial reports hinted at. The film indeed appears to be as camp as a row of tents. Heavy on the ‘comedy’ we’d do best to expect more 'Ultraman', than ‘Dark Knight’ this time round.


Cicak- Man’ Trailer (Youtube)


16th October 06

French Horror thriller - 'Pars vite et reviens tard'

Loosely translated as ‘Leave quickly, return late’ : ‘Pars vite et reviens tard’ tells the story of a modern-day Parisian town crier, who gradually learns that someone is using him to give cryptic warnings of a plague outbreak in the city. Synopsis: Paris, year 2000. The police chief of the Adamsberg district is intrigued by the numerous appearances of a 4 reversed, painted on the interior doors of various buildings of the capital. For days, an anonymous customer has deposited in the post box of the town crier, mysterious even incomprehensible messages. Sometimes written in French of the 17th century, sometimes even in Latin. The advertisements become increasingly cold in the dark. To what plague so terrible that anyone hardly dares to murmur its name, do the obscure messages refer? Should they be taken seriously or are they simply the work of a madman? There is a teaser to watch over at the films official site. No english subs as yet but we are on the hunt for one.

Pars vite et reviens tard(Official Site)


15th October 06

First full trailer for William Friedkin's - 'Bug'

The first full trailer for 'Bug’ directed by the mastermind behind 'The Exorcist' William Friedkin is now available to see on the films website. It goes further to confirm this will be a very different horror experience, to what we are used to from Friedkin.






'Bug' (Official Site)


14th October 06

First poster for festive slasher - 'Black Christmas'?

Well it may be the season to be jolly, but what may be the first poster for director Glen Morgan’s remake of the 1974 slasher ‘Black Christmas’ tends to give you the impression it will be anything but. Plot Outline: A group of sorority sisters find themselves being harassed by a stranger with menacing phone-calls and begin to die, one by one on Christmas Break. The film from 2929 entertainment premieres in the U.S. on Christmas day.



13th October 06

Lumina Films takes Colombian horror pic - 'Espectro'

London sales outfit Lumina Films has picked up worldwide rights to Colombian horror movie 'Espectro.' The movie is debut of 28-year-old writer-director Juan Felipe Orozco is produced by Paloalto Films. Juan Felipe apparently wrote the script with guidance from a psychologist, in an attempt to make the film as disturbing and intense as possible. The story all takes place inside the apartment of a woman with agoraphobia. Convinced she's not alone, she sets up cameras to record herself sleeping and soon she discovers she has a very unwelcome guest. Watching the trailer you certainly get the sense that Orozco has captured the claustrophobic atmosphere of a women terrified to leave her home, yet equally scared to stay and face her unknown tormentor. 'Espectro' will screen at the upcoming American Film Market. 'Espectro' (Official Site)


12th October 06

Bjarne Wong's - 'Possessed'

Local production house Hock Star Entertainment are soon due to release a new international horror feature film, ‘Possessed’, which stars a host of local and international artistes.

The joint venture with Beijing 3 Bros Film & Media Company will see Kuching-born Bjarne Wong at the helm of the new flick. He will be directing a cast that includes Korean transsexual actress-singer Harisu, Amber Chia, Alan Yun, Steve Yap, Smyth Wong, Peng Peng, Sharifah Amani, Jay Jay, Sean Lee, Angel Yeoh and Chef Ismail.

Synopsis: Born in China, Amber and her sister, Lisu are expanding their modeling and singing careers in Malaysia when Amber suddenly falls into a coma while Lisu goes missing. Amber is sent back to China for treatment and wakes up 5 months later but has no recollections of her past. As Amber struggles to regain her memory, Dino appears, claiming to be her boy friend. Dino brings her back to Malaysia and tries to help Amber recall her past. Back in Malaysia, Amber meets Cissie and Bell and decides to continue her modeling career. However, Amber is harassed by a secret male fan, experiences nightmares and decides to search for her missing sister after finding a photo and video of Lisu and herself. Soon after, strange things begin to happen and she even has visions of Lisu’s spirit.
Amber’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and strange after her nightmares become more frequent and violent. During her search for Lisu, she meets William, who claims to be Lisu’s ex-boyfriend and also finds video recordings of Lisu. Amber is obsessed and haunted by the past and gets into a fight with Dino. During the fight, they both discover something shocking… When you give up the past and begin a new life, would you still look back to the past?
...and if you do rediscover the past; will you be able to live with it?

Wong is no stranger to the horror genre. He has worked as an art director and image designer in the film industry for over 20 years and made his directorial debut last year with the movie, The Legend of the Red Curse. ‘Possessed’ is set for release in Malaysia and China in November, and in Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore soon after.


12th October 06

'Ergo Proxy' - U.S. site nearing launch

Geneon Entertainment’s U.S website for the excellent, dark, and noir esk Anime ‘Ergo proxy’ is near to going live, in preparation for its DVD release in the states in November. For those that missed our original piece back in May heres a summary of the story :

"In a world where humans and androids, known as autoraves, live in relative peace, there exists a domed city named "Romdeau". Under the implementation of complete management control, it is a paradise where feelings are literally discarded, and the governing council dictates the way of life the citizens should live. But this utopian landscape is soon broken by a series of mystifying murders. Real Mayar, a female inspector from the Citizen Information Bureau, along with her autoreiv partner Iggy, are tasked to solve the murder cases. She is soon attacked by a creature drawn to her which is neither human nor android, and learns about the mysterious phenomena called "Awakening", an event which draws her further into the case...and to the world beyond the limits of Romdeau."

You can check out a new trailer on the U.S. site here. Until that's fully live there is plenty to see on the original Japanese site, including a couple of new trailers, minus English subs.


12th October 06

High Point picks up Dutch slasher - 'Slaughter night'

Good news for British Horror fans. U.K. sales outfit High Point Films has picked up world rights to Dutch slasher pic "Slaughter Night." Directed by Edwin Visser and Frank van Geloven, pic will premiere in Pusan, followed by the Toronto After Dark Festival and will then screen for buyers before the American Film Market. High Point founder Ronald de Neef, who launched Italian horror maestro Dario Argento onto the international market in the 1980s, commented, "What struck us immediately is just how visually strong the film is, which is ideal for an international audience."



'Slaughter Night' (Official Site)


11th October 06

Official site live for stylish Horror - ‘The Unseeable’

Only in the Thai language at the moment, though I understand there will be an English version soon. The main plus to be found on the site is the trailer, now available in a lovely crisp downloadable Quicktime version. [Source]







The Unseeable’ (Official Site)


11th October 06

'Prince of the Himalayas' - Movie poster & teaser trailer

The official movie poster and first teaser trailer have turned for 'Prince of the Himalayas' over at Sina. It's looks great but is all too brief, so don't blink or you will miss it. For viewing it I'd suggest you click the small right hand tick box on the player, for low band resolution. Not ideal, but the stream glitches big time on high quality.






'Prince of the Himalayas' Teaser


10th October 06

New HK Crime film - 'Undercover operation'

The new Hong Kong gangster flick "Undercover operation" will hit Chinese cinemas on October 13. Based on real life stories, the film breaks the mould for gangster movies by telling the stories of hundreds of undercover cops who work to split the criminal gangs up.

The plot: Set in the darkened world of crime ruled by the various triad societies dominating every illegal business in Hong Kong. THE MOB is the most powerful and notorious gang member lead by Jim (Eric Tsang), Walter (Francis Ng), Tommy (Chi-Lam) and Fei (Jordan Chan). The police force headed by Inspector Wai (Miu Kiu-Wai) is consistently monitoring the group’s activities. He launches Operation Crouching Tiger by sending over 1000 undercover cops hoping to infiltrate the whole organization. Aware of the situation, THE MOB realizes that these undercover cops could mean serious trouble. On the other hand, unless there are members who dare to bear witness against the MOB and no matter how many undercover cops Inspector Wai has inside THE MOB, he could never crush it.

Producer Wong Jing, and directors Wang Guangli and Marco Mak, attended a brief premiere with the cast members in Beijing on Monday. [Source] 'Undercover operation' Trailer (Windows media)


10th October 06

Thailand changes its Oscar choice

What is the difference between a replacement and being dropped? Not much, it seems, when it comes to the odd affair of how "Invisible Waves" is no longer Thailand's foreign-language Oscar contender.

Having last month announced noirish thriller "Invisible Waves" as its national champion, the Federation of National Film Assn. of Thailand announced Friday that "Ahimsa Stop to Run" would be submitted to AMPAS instead.

"Ahimsa" is a dramedy about a young man who is tormented by visions of the future, helmed by Kittikorn Leosakun ("Saving Private Tootsie") and produced by RS Productions. The change came as a surprise to the producers, sales agent and Palm Pictures, the U.S. distributor of "Invisible Waves."

Palm had already begun promoting the film as the Thailand candidate ahead of a release in early 2007 and was making arrangements for the Academy's foreign-language voting members to screen the film."We didn't replace 'Invisible Waves' with 'Ahimsa,' " a spokesman for the federation said. "Because of a very short lead time in transporting the print to the U.S., we were concerned that we would miss the deadline and decided to submit another film to the Oscar committee instead."

The Academy will not comment on a country's entry until it puts out a complete list, according to an AMPAS spokeswoman. "A country's announcement of a title doesn't mean that it is the movie that was submitted", she said. "As soon as the federation made it known to us that the film would represent Thailand, we immediately arranged the transport of the print through (agent) Fortissimo Films," said Five Star productions executive Aphiradee "Amy" Iamphungphorn. "If the federation hadn't announced in the first place that 'Invisible Waves' would be the nominee, we wouldn't be so upset." Strange goings on indeed. [Source]


9th October 06

Synopsis for Oxide Pangs - 'Diary'

Here is a much fuller synopsis for Oxide Pang's upcoming film 'Diary'.: Winnie (Charlene Choi) has become very disturbed and depressed after her boyfriend, Seth broke off with her. She became schizophrenic, imagining things that never happen, and often lives in her own world. One day, she met a guy named Ray (Shawn Yue), who resembled her ex-boyfriend very much. Seeing this, Yvonne (Winnie’s best friend) encouraged her to start going out with Hou so she can forget her misery and start over a new life. So, Winnie and Ray started seeing each other and soon became a couple. One thing Winnie realised is that the courting was the same as her previous experience. Every other little thing that Ray and she do together seems to be a recollection of her previous relationship with Seth. And as things go smoothly, Winnie realises that even this time around, her relationship with Ray has turned sour as with her last. She began to feel that Ray’s heart is changing and seems to have fall out of love with her. Was her past relationship affecting her now? Was this her imagination or was this really happening again? Do they all exist in the first place…


'Diary' Trailer (Youtube)


8th October 06

Delivered soon from Thailand - 'The Letters of Death'

News just in on another Thai horror flick, ‘The letters of Death’. Not a great amount of detail on the story as yet, except a suitably cryptic synopsis from the films production site: What happens when a former sixth grade student who lived with vengeance came back to take his revenge. The answer of the quiz must be revealed before time runs out! Is there probably no answer for this quiz? And if so the only thing left is the death of everyone? Along with that, we have found some even more cryptic trailers which you can see here. These look like they are early rough promo cuts, that will probally be going onto the movies official site once they're finished. Until then they will certainly give you a good idea of what's to come.




The letters of Death(Official Site)


7th October 06

'Prince of the Himalaya's', Another Hamlet Inspired Movie from China

It would appear that ‘The Banquet’ is not the only Chinese film inspired by Hamlet. "Prince of Himalaya" is another Chinese production based on the famous tragedy by William Shakespeare. Set in the ancient Tibet, "Prince of Himalaya" is actually closer to the original story than ‘The Banquet’ does. Co-written and directed by US-based Chinese filmmaker Sherwood Hu (Lanling Wang), it is shot in Tibet with a full Tibetan cast, speaking Tibetan throughout the film. The prince is played by first-time young actor Pubajia, who was discovered by the director at a bar in Jiuzhaigou, located in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan. Director Hu later sent Pubajia to Shanghai Theater Academy and paid his tuition. Last month Pubajia became the winner of "My Hero", a boy only American Idol-like TV Show in China. The cinematography was done by Hou Yong (Jasmine Women (as the director), Hero, The Road Home, The Horse Thief). [Source]


'Prince of Himalaya' (Stills)


7th October 06

B-Horror time: An update on - 'Plane Dead'

Yes indeed, every so often we like to take a turn around the world of U.S. B-Horror. This time it’s ‘Plane dead’. We did actually cover the film back on April 6th where you can read the synopsis for the movie. Originally there was only ever a teaser trailer for the film, and when the official site disappeared we had assumed the project had been canned. But no, it’s back! With a new site and a full trailer for your viewing pleasure. 'Plane Dead's' premiere screening will be at the American Film Market on November 3rd.





Plane dead (Official Site)


6th October 06

'IFI' - Announces lineup for Horrorthon 2006

Now in its ninth year, the line-up is all in place for the Horrorthon Film Festival which takes place this year from Thursday 26th October through to Monday 30th October at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin. Lamberto Bava will be in one of the special guests and introducing his new film 'The Torturer' .There will also be a screening of his 1985 movie Demons, and he will take part in a public discussion with on the Sunday morning. There are also some Irish premieres of big Horror names (The Host, Frostbite and Pan’s Labyrinth). Retro screenings include Poltergeist, Friday the 13th Part 2, Pet Sematary and a new director’s cut of Darklands. Another plus - screenings of seven new Masters of Horror episodes from such directors as Dario Argento, John Carpenter, John Landis and Tobe Hooper. You can check out the full lineup on the Irish film institutes website here.


5th October 06

Genghis Khan - 'The Blue Wolf'

The new film from Haruki (the producer of ‘Yamato’) Kadokawa is to be ‘Aoki Ookami - Chi Hate Umi Tsukiru Made’, which translates to: ‘The Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea’. Directed by Shinichiro Sawai, and starring Takashi Sorimachi as the Mongol leader, the film is set to be an epic retelling of the life of Genghis Khan, from his birth to his conquest of most of Asia. While I cant attest to exactly how historically accurate a Japanese account of the Mongol leaders life history will be, it does look like it will be a sumptuous piece of cinema.




The Blue Wolf' (Official Site)


4th October 06

English subbed trailer for - 'The unseeable'

From director Wisit Sasanatieng, creator of ‘Tears of the Black Tiger’ and ‘Citizen Dog’ comes his new film ‘The Unseeable’. Synopsis: A young pregnant woman Nuan-chan ventures to Bangkok in 1934 looking for her husband. She stays in the house of a wealthy widow Run-juan who, it's rumored, still sleeps with her dead husband. The film is due to be screened at the American film market this November.






The Unseeable’ Trailer (Embedded)


4th October 06

From Spain - '6 Films to keep you awake'

Coming soon from Spains Filmax Studios is a package of 6 Films old and new, directed by some of the most important and recognized Spanish Genre Directors. You can see a few stills from several of the movies here

(Perdita Durango, The Day of the Beast) …“Would you sleep if something were cradling your baby next door?”

- “THE CHRISTMAS TALE” By PACO PLAZA (Romasanta, The Werewolf Hunt, Second Name)
…“Would you sleep nine feet under?”

-“BLAME” By CHICHO IBAÑEZ SERRADOR (Stories to Keep you Awake, TV 1969) …“Would you sleep if you could hear noises from the room upstairs?”

- “SPECTRE” By MATEO GIL Amenabar co-writer
(Nobody knows Anybody) …”Would you sleep with your lover if she had come back from the Other Side?”

(Box 507) …”Would you sleep in a coffin?”

(Darkness, The Nameless, Fragile)
…”Would you sleep if your landlady had all the keys?”


3rd October 06

Beware - 'The Passion'

Upcoming from Thailand is the survival horror ‘The Passion’. Synopsis: One night at a cinema in town, after catching the last movie of the evening, Praew, an attractive girl is struggling to escape from Chai, a stranger who attempts to assault her in a restroom. Chai is actually the head of security for the huge entertainment complex, and has been obsessively watching Praew’s every move from his security monitors. Luckily, Koa, an usher of the cinema comes to save her in time. As they run to escape, Chai commands his guards to seal the complex. The chase is on to hunt her down. There is an official site, but at the moment there is only a title page. We have however tracked down a full trailer for you to check out. The film opens in Thailand on October 19th. [Source]


'The Passion' Trailer (Youtube)

'The Passion' (Official Site)


3rd October 06

Hayao Miyazaki starts new project

According to Variety, Hayao Miyazaki has started production on his latest as-yet-untitled animated film, according to Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli. Release is scheduled for summer 2008 -- four years after the his last feature, 2004's "Howl's Moving Castle," which grossed $170 million in Japan alone. International sales company and local distribution have yet to be announced, though Toho has handled all of Miyazaki's recent movies. Studio Ghibli, which has produced every Miyazaki films since 1985, is releasing only the odd tidbit about the new pic, such as the July excursion of Miyazaki and his main staff to scout locations in Kobe, a port on Japan's Inland Sea, and Miyazaki's use of watercolors for his storyboards a departure from his B&W norm.





3rd October 06

New poster, and trailer for Oxide Pangs - 'Diary'

'Diary,' directed by Oxide Pang, is a psychological thriller about a young woman who confuses past and present relationships in a reality-twisted plot that ultimately leads to a confrontation with the truth. [Source]









'Diary' Trailer (Youtube)


2nd October 06

Hong Kong cinema release for Thai Ghost story - 'Dorm'

Director Songyos Sugmakanan’s Ghost story ‘Dorm’ is set to get a Hong Kong cinema release on October 19th. The story revolves around a Thai boy Chatree (Charlie Trairattana) who is sent to boarding school by his parents, against his wishes. Despite being the social outcast, and a recluse, Chatree befriends another pupil, Wichien (Sirarath Jianthaworn). They become fast friends, but Wichien has a deep dark secret and at 6pm everyday, he mysteriously disappears.The release is of course good news for film goers in Hong Kong. But its also possibly great news for those of us still waiting to see the film on DVD with English (the Thai disc unusually had none) subtitles. With a release in theatres in HK, that ‘should’ greatly increase the chances of the film being picked up by a Hong kong distributor, who almost always provide English subs on DVDs.



'Dorm' Trailer (Quicktime)


1st October 06

October DVD updates online

Find out what's caught our eye from this months new dvd releases here.










1st October 06

In Chicago - 'Death Walks the Streets'

It seems that cop/crime movies with an occult twist are very much in vogue at the moment. Another upcoming film in the genre is ‘Death walks the streets’. Said to be the first chapter in a new trilogy of films blending action and drama into a rich world of crime and horror. The filmmakers have documented on their story along the way, starting with the development of the script in 2004, through the exhaustive 15-month development process, and into filming.

Synopsis: Michael Labou (Christian Kane) always wanted to live a simple, normal life--a hard task to achieve when you are born into a family with ties to "The Organization". With dreams of starting over with a clean slate, Michael is released from prison and offered a chance for redemption in the eyes of The Organization. If he can complete one final assignment, his obligation to this surrogate family will be fulfilled and he can move on to right the wrongs of his past. With lifelong friends Danielle and Malcolm at his side, Michael soon finds himself in the possession of a mysterious artifact that holds a power so great that everyone and everything wants it. Everyone but him... From the city of Chicago to the rural fields of Illinois, hell breaks loose as the bonds of family, friendship, and loyalty are put to the test in a modern classic tale of Evil vs. Evil vs. Evil--and at the center of the struggle, Michael Labou must overcome them all and do what is right.

Budgeted at over $10 million, the seven week shoot began in Chicago at the end of July. FX will be done by Precinct 13 Entertainment ("The Devil's Rejects," "Hostel") and John Roome from The Orb has signed on to do the original score. Matt Pletcher is producing. For more info you can check out the 'Death Walks the Streets' (Official Site)




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