Takashi Miike’s LESSON OF EVIL on UK DVD!!!!!!

Sometimes you get news that - mentally at least - makes you jump up and down, shouting hell yes, this would be one of those times! Takashi Miike’s superbly dark Schoolroom thriller...Lesson of Evil, has been picked up for a UK DVD release.

Adapted from Yusuke KISHI’s horror novel, Aku no Kyōten, a commentary on tough high school life and dark student–teacher relationships, it has plenty of black humour, absurd violence, and a splash of fantasy added for good measure.

This is Miiki back at his blood curdling (happy days) best, order it! Lesson of Evi’ lands on DVD & BLU-RAY September 29th.

Synopsis: Cool and charismatic English teacher Seiji Hasumi (ITO) is popular with students and teachers alike. He inspires trust and respect from his class, greeting many with an affectionate, if irritating, ruffle of the hair. But his actions soon take a turn, revealing something dark behind that charming smile. Students become suspicious when friends slowly start to disappear, but little do they know that absolute jaw-dropping carnage is just around the corner.