AUDITION finally getting translated for the US
  • Dec 27
  • AUDITION finally getting translated for the US
  • Posted by Adgy - 27/12/09 at 09:22 PM

Not sure what took so long, but US publisher W.W, Norton & Co. will be releasing an english language adaptation of Ryu Murakami's original Audition novel in June of 2010. A good number of Murakami's other books have already been translated and released, but for some reason, what is arguably the man's most famous work was not available in english until early 2009 when it was released in the UK by Bloomsbury Publishing.

The book, which was the basis for Takashi Miike's film of the same name follows the same basic premise as the film. "Aoyama, a widower who has lived alone with his son ever since his wife died seven years before, finally decides it is time to remarry. Since Aoyama is a bit rusty when it comes to dating, a filmmaker friend proposes that, in order to attract the perfect wife, they do a casting call for a movie they don’t intend to produce. As the résumés pile up, only one of the applicants catches Aoyama’s attention—Yamasaki Asami—a striking young former ballerina with a mysterious past. Blinded by his instant and total infatuation, Aoyama is too late in discovering that she is a far cry from the innocent young woman he imagines her to be. The novel’s fast-paced, thriller conclusion doesn’t spare the reader as Yamasaki takes off her angelic mask and reveals what lies beneath."

You can pre-order your copy here.


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