Behold! Full trailer for Thai horror MAE NAK 3D
  • Feb 28
  • Behold! Full trailer for Thai horror MAE NAK 3D
  • Posted by Deljhp - 28/02/12 at 06:48 PM

Horror movies based around their many gruesome folk tales are a staple of the Thai genre film industry, and one of the longest running is ‘Mae Nak,’ and this latest 3D incarnation marks the 22nd remake of the well-known legend.

There’s been a rough cut “international” version of the trailer knocking around for some time, but now the movies finally been given a release date of March 1st, we’ve got the real deal. Posters galore and a long synopsis (in English) and the trailer to be seen on the films official site, or straight down for the

Synopsis: If you don’t know the story then we can only surmise you’ve been living under a stone. For those rock dwellers here it is again: Nak, a heavily pregnant woman, dies with her stillborn child while her husband, Mak, is away at war. When Mak returns, he doesn’t know that his family is dead and continues to live with Nak unaware that she is actually a ghost.

Mae Nak official site



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