Check into the twisted world of the MONGRELS
  • Jul 06
  • Check into the twisted world of the MONGRELS
  • Posted by Deljhp - 06/07/10 at 05:40 PM

A quick heads up for all our readers in the UK, who have yet to catch BBC3’s latest oddball, adult puppet comedy ‘Mongrels.’ Having caught the first two episodes yesterday we’d highly recommend you give it a watch as it is just f**king hilarious.

Written by Jon Brown and Daniel Peak, Mongrels - which we can only describe as a darkly twisted 'The Muppets' meets 'South Park' - follows the exploits of a unlikely group of animal friends; Nelson, a “metro”sexual fox; Destiny, a pretentious pedigree 'it-bitch'; Kali, a deeply cynical pigeon; Marion, an abandoned tom cat; and Vince, a foul mouthed and streetwise fox.

Episode 3 screens tonight on BBC3 at 10.30, but you can catch the first two episodes on the BBC I-Player. Readers outside the UK alas won’t be able to use the I-Player (though fingers crossed it shows up on BBC World/America soon), but we have found some clips - including the song “Everyone Loves A Lesbian” - and a trailer, to give you a taster. Pure genius!

Mongrels trailer

Clip 1: Everyone loves a Lesbian song

Clip2: Trim Downstairs

Mongrels BBC3 page


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