China Lion set to take America BACK TO 1942
  • Nov 15
  • China Lion set to take America BACK TO 1942
  • Posted by Deljhp - 15/11/12 at 07:25 PM

China Lion Film Distribution are set to release the Feng Xiaogang’s epic, Back to 1942 on November 30th throughout the U.S. and Canada, day-and-date with its planned Chinese Mainland release. For those not in the know, the film, based on the bestselling Chinese novel Remembering 1942 by Liu Zhengyun, revolves around the devastating famine that ravaged the Henan province while Nationalists and Japanese troops fought during World War II.

The film stars a cast of well-known Chinese stars including Xu Fan, Zhang Guoli, Chen Daoming, Zhang Mo and Zhang Hanyu as well as Academy Award winners Adrien Brody (The Piano) and Tim Robbins (Mystic River). 1942 will initially release the film in the U.S. and Canada on alimited release throughout major North American metro areas of Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, D.C., and Vancouver on November 30th. Not near you? Fear not, it will also open in Chicago and Seattle on the 7th of December, with the possibility of future bookings to be announced!

Synopsis: In 1942, Henan Province was devastated by the most tragic famine in modern Chinese history, resulting in the deaths of at least three million men, women and children. Although the primary cause of the famine was a severe drought, it was exacerbated by locusts, windstorms, earthquakes, epidemic disease and the corruption of the ruling Kuomintang government.

Back to 1942 hi-res trailer


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