First trailer for BLOODPROOF (aka ANTI GAS SKIN)
  • Sep 13
  • First trailer for BLOODPROOF (aka ANTI GAS SKIN)
  • Posted by Deljhp - 13/09/10 at 08:40 AM

And we though the early pics and premise were a little surreal?! Via its screening at this year’s Venice International Film Festival, a first trailer is out - under the equally strange English title of ‘Anti Gas Skin’ - for Kim Gok and Kim Sun’s Korean, action serial killer thriller ‘Bloodproof.’ Watch the trailer, and the title doesn’t seem all that strange any more. This is oddball (if intriguing) stuff indeed. Trail at the link.

Synopsis: Four people are after a serial killer who wears a gasmask. Each has their own reason. Mi-Joo, who wants to be killed by the serial killer, to free herself from the trauma of her disfigurement. Sang-Kun Joo, a political candidate who has been threatened that ‘if he wins the election, he will be killed.’ Bo-Sik, a traffic warden, who wants to catch the serial killer because he thinks he is a superhero. And finally Patrick, who thinks the killer murdered his girl friend. But the ‘gasmask killer’ is not just one person. The identity behind the mask is mysterious. In the end, four of them wear gasmasks and wander around the city of death. What is the nature of the gasmask?

Thanks to Fabrizzia for the heads up.

Anti Gas Skin trailer


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