Full trailer time for Thai horror TAKIEN: HAUNTED TREE
  • May 27
  • Full trailer time for Thai horror TAKIEN: HAUNTED TREE
  • Posted by Deljhp - 27/05/10 at 04:46 PM

Love, hate, death, vengeful ghosts, karma, and a smattering of ritual black magic, the latest trailer for director Saiyon Srisawat’s scare flick Takien: Haunted Tree has arrived. Hard core horror - ‘Art of the Devil’ style - its not, but it seems fairly enjoyable B-horror movie fare. Check it out at the link.

Synopsis: Yaibua is a woman in despair. Unemployed and betrayed she returns to her hometown where her family is her last hope. On her arrival, she finds her parents and sister are missing. Distraught, Yaibua tries to contact Piman, her boyfriend. As Yaibua doesn't hear any news from Piman, alone and distraught she hangs herself on a big tree near the graveyard in her hometown. But the wrong-doing she has done from her past life to this life causes her spirit to possess at the tree waiting for Piman and her own redemption.

Takien trailer


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