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  • FUNNY GAMES: DVD review
  • Posted by Deljhp - 29/05/10 at 09:55 AM

Director: Michael Haneke. Review: Adam Wing.

The rules are simple. Pick a family and make them play. After almost eleven years, Michael Haneke (Hidden) returns to the scene of one of his most celebrated crimes with a shot for shot remake of Funny Games. An affluent family arrives at their vacation home, looking forward to a fortnight of secluded relaxation. Or at least, that’s what they had in mind before a well-spoken man dropped by to borrow some eggs. From this point forward we are witness to a terrifying campaign of terror at the hands of two cold-blooded psychopaths. Tim Roth (Dark Water) and Naomi Watts (King Kong) are just two of the victims asked to play a series of sinister games, and what follows is a well-crafted critique of the violence that permeates modern society.

It actually makes perfect sense for Michael Haneke to put an American cast through the humiliation and despair of his original vision, because you do get the feeling that he had an American audience in mind when he made the first film. Funny Games is a curious beast for the most part because despite it’s forceful intent, there’s very little onscreen violence to speak of. Haneke cranks up the tension with devilish desire and successfully uses the viewers’ own imagination against them. You might not see the actual events transpire, but by the time he reveals the devastation, you’ll be right there with the hapless victim. There is blood, there is carnage, but most of the damage is done with manipulation and menace. Hollywood take note...Continue reading review here.

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