Gore with all the frills. New GOTHIC & LOLITA PSYCHO pics
  • Jun 08
  • Gore with all the frills. New GOTHIC & LOLITA PSYCHO pics
  • Posted by Deljhp - 08/06/10 at 09:09 AM

The official site for Gô Ohara’s ("Geisha vs Ninjas") latest foray into the world of gory excess…Gothic & Lolita Psycho, is now partially live, and lurking inside are a shed load of new stills from the film. Highlights to be seen include; decapitations, flying limbs, geysers of blood and scantily clad babes all over the shop. Sounds about right! Lolita Psycho opens in Japan in September, and the Ohara bros dropped us a line yesterday to say they are already hard at work looking for overseas sales. Something tells us they won’t have to wait very long to get them.

Synopsis: Gothic and Lolita…the fashion reflects her dark and childish mental state. YUKI, the heroine, saw her mother killed by cruel gangs. Now she vows revenge! Knock off the enemies with her transformable umbrella. So gorgeous and so savage…Who killed her mother? What the hell are the gangs? What is the truth and purpose that father knows? Her coming terrible destiny is going to be littered with the dead.



Lolita Psycho official site 

Lolita Psycho trailer 1

Lolita Psycho trailer 2


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at 08:55 AM

Yes ‘Machine Girl’ is a classic. Check out ‘Robo Geisha,’ its out on R2 dvd soon.