Horror facts or fiction in THE UNBELIEVABLE
  • Aug 02
  • Horror facts or fiction in THE UNBELIEVABLE
  • Posted by Deljhp - 02/08/09 at 02:15 PM

While this doesn’t really fall into the realms of “movie” news, we thought this worth a mention. Some of the most scary and horrific incidents from the hugely popular paranormal/supernatural reality TV program The Unbelievable - from Hong Kong's I-Cable TV - have been brought together a full feature length documentary. While the documentary tag might seem quite dry, it looks like an intriguing and entertaining glimpse at some of stories and legends that go to into making many an Asian horror movie. The Unbelievable opens in Hong Kong in September.

Here’s some blurb on the film from the producers website…"Fear has no limit. Horror has no boundaries. A documentary team takes on an expedition to an exotic country in Southeast Asia in search of paranormal phenomena. What they never expected is a horrifying journey with encounters of unexplained occurrences. Led by a notable parapsychologist, the encounters are so gruesome and bone chilling beyond what they can bear, ranging from paranormal phenomenon such as poltergeist, exorcism, haunted house to supernatural force like witchcraft, spells, voodoo and curses. All the unbelievable incidents they encountered were recorded on camera. Be prepared for a whole new level of horror!"

The Unbelievable trailer


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