How about some BAD CHICKEN this xmas?
  • Dec 23
  • How about some BAD CHICKEN this xmas?
  • Posted by Deljhp - 23/12/13 at 07:46 PM

Back in October we dropped the weirdness news bomb that director Carter Mays cracked little indie feature film Bad Chicken may well be heading our way soon. Well the may, is now a definite the film is being digitally released on January 1st, 2014 by Gravitas Ventures. It will be on Video-on-Demand on Cable TV in the US and Canada, and will also be on Itunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Playstation, and Xbox networks worldwide. DVD's of the movie will also become available for sale via the badchicken website, and their facebook page. The date? Well, right about now!

Synopsis: All Norah ever wanted to be was a reality TV star. She would send out her audition video to any kind of show that was casting, regardless of premise. One day, her wish finally came true. She and her reluctant boyfriend, Isaak, were cast to star in a new reality TV pilot. The only hitch is that the producer and his TV crew... are chickens. The “Executive Producer” and leader of this band of misfit chickens is “Charlie Chicken”. Eager for fame, Norah will follow Charlie’s direction with intensely blind faith. A instant bond develops between the two, that would ultimately lead to darker passages. Norah’s Boyfriend, Isaak, who only agreed to be on the TV show to appease his spirited girlfriend, can only watch suspiciously from the sidelines of the celebrity spotlight, as his romantic partner is manipulated and seduced by Charlie Chicken. Following the tragic death of Norah’s cat, Kardashian, she and Isaak and the entire chicken crew head out to the Joshua Tree desert, to film her spreading the fallen feline’s ashes. Deep in the barren desert landscape, the story becomes a violent battle of species... a Spaghetti Western like nothing ever committed to film before! Once filming begins, the true nature of the Chicken Crew comes to light. With Charlie Chicken as the ring leader, his two-chicken crew, Caesar and Carl, bungle along with comedic ignorance and irreverence. A complete lack of respect for privacy for their cast is just one part of the antics that make up the daily lives of these oddball characters.


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