HUMANOID MONSTER BEM goes feature length
  • Oct 18
  • HUMANOID MONSTER BEM goes feature length
  • Posted by Deljhp - 18/10/12 at 06:05 PM

Much like Hollywood, where would the Japanese film industry be these days without Comics, Manga and Anime to plunder on a daily basis for storylines!?

The latest to get the movie treatment is the Humanoid Monster Bem, which is going full length, after airing as a TV (Which in turn was based on the original 1960’s cartoon series, written by Akira Adachi) series on Japan’s NTV network.

Story wise we’re in familiar territory. A group of oddball superheroes (of vastly varying ages?!) are fighting to save the world against evil Yokai (Demons) intent on destroying the world. All fine and good by us then. Looks great fun!

Humanoid Monster Bem opens on Japan in December - Check out the trailer on the flicks official site.


Monster Bem official site


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