In a Nutshell: TOWER BLOCK
  • Feb 26
  • In a Nutshell: TOWER BLOCK
  • Posted by Dorrystavern - 26/02/14 at 08:08 PM

With this 2012 British thriller, James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson had hoped to create a nerve-shredding ninety minutes of tension and torment. The tower block in question might be showing signs of decay, but it doesn't hold a candle to James Moran's overexposed script. Fortunately, with strong performances and genuine shocks, Nunn and Thompson have crafted an effective British thriller that hits the target more often than not.

The last remaining residents of a run-down London tower block find themselves targeted by a deadly sniper, but this isn't just another random act of violence, they soon learn that they're all connected to a brutal murder that took place in their block sometime before. Becky (Sheridan Smith) and the other remaining residents kept quiet, fearing retribution, but panic quickly spreads when all communication to the outside world is severed and the group are picked off by an unknown marksman with a high-tech rifle.

The big reveal is telegraphed early on and the characters are your typical bunch of misfits, louts and addicts, but the death sequences are effective and high drama is wrung from every open curtain. Sheridan Smith is memorable both in and out of her vest top, giving Becky a vulnerable yet feisty edge. Make no mistake about it though, Jack O'Connell (Eden Lake) is the star of the show here. Kurtis is a nasty piece of work when we're first introduced, but when he comes good he does it with a charm and swagger that's hard to resist. Predictable though it is, Tower Block is a taut, tense thrill ride bolstered by live ammunition and even livelier leads. Worth a look.


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