Korean disaster epic THE TOWER: DVD review
  • May 23
  • Korean disaster epic THE TOWER: DVD review
  • Posted by Deljhp - 23/05/13 at 05:46 PM

Director: Kim Ji-hoon. Review: Mark Appleton.

Usually I’m against remakes. I can’t stand the thought of an original movie being butchered to try and cater for today’s audience or, worse still, Hollywood remaking a perfectly good foreign film with the justification ‘people don’t want to watch movies with subtitles’.

Having said that I’m not against the idea of all remakes (‘The Lawnmower Man ‘would be good with the advances in technology and CGI we’ve had for example) and the idea of the tables being turned and the East remaking a Hollywood film I have to say, was intriguing .

This brings me on to The Tower, which sees director Kim Ji-hoon put his spin on the 1974 US disaster movie classic The Towering Inferno. The Towering Inferno starred Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, it was nominated for eight Oscars (winning three) and was the first joint production between two major Hollywood studios (20th Century Fox and Warner Bros.). Pretty big boots to fill.

Ji-hoon assembles a lesser known cast for his version but goes large on the effects with some 1,700 shots out of a total of 3,000 having some element of CG. Post-production apparently lasted two years…Continue review.

The Tower trailer

The Tower U.S DVD review


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