KUNG FU KILLER arrives in 2015
  • Oct 27
  • KUNG FU KILLER arrives in 2015
  • Posted by Deljhp - 27/10/14 at 09:18 PM

Following the announcement that Kung Fu legend Donnie Yen is bringing his latest opus, KUNG FU KILLER, to this year’s London Film Festival, Signature Entertainment has confirmed two spiffy bits of news. One, a wider release for the martial arts saga when it comes to cinemas on February 20th and two, it heads for DVD and digital on February 23rd.

Also starring Michelle Bai and Charlie Young, KUNG FU KILLER is directed by Teddy Chan (star of Infernal Affairs 2) but notably also features key action scenes directed by the legendary Yen - a real draw to martial arts fans and a contributing element to one of the kung fu blockbusters of the year.

The only downside to all this is that it wont be until the new year. But we are patient, well sort off...dammit!

Synopsis: Yen (Ip Man, Blade II) stars as Hahou, a former martial arts instructor imprisoned after accidentally killing an opponent. When a vicious killer (Wang Baoqiang, A Touch Of Sin) starts targeting martial arts masters, though, Hahou offers to help the police capture him in return for his freedom.



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