Latest I SAW THE DEVIL release dates news
  • Mar 16
  • Latest I SAW THE DEVIL release dates news
  • Posted by Deljhp - 16/03/11 at 07:30 PM

America had its moment in the sun (or maybe darkness is more apt?) with the theatrical release of Kim Jee-woon's serial killer thriller I Saw the Devil earlier this month. Now it’s the UK’s turn to get in on the explosive - and at times hugely violent - action, with the news that Devil is set for a limited release in cinemas there on April 28th, followed shortly after by the (now confirmed as uncut) DVD on May 9th.

Those in the U.S keen to get in on the action shouldn’t feel too left out, the UK only beats you to the DVD winning line, by one whole day. May 10th is your date to note...Go get it! 


I Saw the Devil trailer

I Saw the Devil review


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