LET THE BULLETS FLY in the UK this August
  • Jul 28
  • LET THE BULLETS FLY in the UK this August
  • Posted by Deljhp - 28/07/12 at 02:17 PM

Actor-director Jiang Wen's darkly humorous and more than a tad violent, action comedy Let the Bullets Fly, was one of the highest-grossing Chinese-language films ever - and its heading for the UK next month!

Described as a Chinese take on the "Good, Bad, Ugly" formula of the Spaghetti Western genre, Bullets stars Jiang as "The Good", a bandit who becomes the new mayor of a lawless town, Chow Yun Fat as "The Bad", the crime lord who won't give up power without a fight, and Ge You as "The Ugly", an opportunist with a loose sense of loyalty.

Let the Bullets Fly also co-stars Carina Lau (Detective Dee), Aloys Chen (Painted Skin), and Zhou Yun (The Sun Also Rises) and goes on sale August 27 via Metrodome Pictures.

Synopsis: China, 1919. Bandit Scarface Zhang (Jiang Wen) leads his posse in a fatal train robbery that leaves only Tang (Ge You), a rich man who buys governorships all over China, and his wife (Carina Lau) alive. To save his life, Tang lies that he was only accompanying the new major of Goose Town. Looking for a big payday, Zhang assumes the governorship and turns Goose Town upside down. The problem is that order is created by the town crime lord Huang Si Lang (Chow Yun Fat), and he is not ready to lose his iron grip. Soon, Huang and Zhang are outwitting each other in a violent game, with Tang constantly shifting allegiance to protect his own skin.  


LTBF red band trailer



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