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  • Posted by Deljhp - 14/03/10 at 01:01 AM

Director: Jingle Ma. Review: Adam Wing.

Otherwise known as ‘the one without the red dragon’, Mulan is directed by Jingle Ma (Butterfly Lovers) with Vicki Zhao taking centre stage as the gender-bending heroine Hua Mulan, the filial daughter who famously adopts male guise to take her father's place on the battlefield. Mulan grows into a great warrior while working hard to keep her true identity secret, Aloys Chen (Painted Skin) plays the token love interest and Hu Jun brings pantomime sensibilities to the table as a ruthless leader. Jaycee Chan makes up the numbers as a free-spirited soldier, with CJ7 child actress Xu Jiao, Korean-American Mando-pop singer Nicky Lee, and Russian singer Vitas offering diverse supporting turns with mixed results.

I’ve always been a big fan of Vicky Zhao, and she’s probably my first choice of leading lady for this 2009 update. Well, other than Hilary Swank, but I really don’t think that ones going to happen unless they’re planning on producing a Hollywood remake. Stranger things have happened. Vicky Zhao fits the mould perfectly though, if anybody can pull off a role of this nature then she can, her physical attributes combined with her shameless use of charm are more than enough to keep the most jaded of film fans glued to their seats. She’s quite handy with a sword too, coping adequately with Stephen Tung Wai’s action sequences. Word of the day I guess, adequately, because Mulan is an adequate action epic that makes for an adequate waste of time. No more, no less. Harmless commercial fodder that gets enough things right but never truly shines; Mulan is Saturday night escapism of the purest kind...Continue review here.

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