New French promo artwork for horror: DJINNS (aka Stranded)
  • May 20
  • New French promo artwork for horror: DJINNS (aka Stranded)
  • Posted by Deljhp - 20/05/10 at 01:46 PM

Re-tagged “Stranded” for its international audience it seems the French are sticking to their guns and holding onto their original title of Djinns, for Hugues and Sandra Martin’s upcoming military survival horror. Well…at least that’s what the slightly dodgy teaser poster says! We’re still in two minds if they’ll be able to credibly pull off the premise of invisible Demons attacking a squad of elite troops wandering around in the desert, but with martial arts star Cyril Raffaelli (“District 13”) among the cast, we should at least guaranteed some great action. Djinns opens in France in August, so expect a trailer soon.

Synopsis: Algeria, 1960. A section of French paratroopers are sent in search of a missing aircraft in the Algerian desert. The wreckage of the plane was quickly located, but there were no survivors, just a suitcase stamped "Top Secret". Stormed by enemy soldiers, the troops find refuge in a strange abandoned citadel. Despite warnings from the places Guardian to leave at once, they wake up the Djinns, the evil spirits of the desert...


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