New Image for LA HORDE (aka THE HORDE)
  • May 28
  • New Image for LA HORDE (aka THE HORDE)
  • Posted by Deljhp - 28/05/09 at 07:53 AM

The runaway train of superb scare flicks coming out of France is soon to have a new addition in the form of upcoming Zombie apocalypse movie - La Horde, and we’ve just turned up a new image from the film. Helmed by the relative newcomers Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher the movie has the added kudos of being produced by another big name (no doubt also appearing heavily in the marketing campaign) in French horror - Frontière(s) director Xavier Gens. Cops, crooks and Zombies battling to the undeath high up in an apartment block - whilst Paris burns around them - in a Zombie fuelled apocalypse…..Where do we sign up! Additional pics and behind the scenes trailers can be seen on the films MySpace site. La Horde opens in France in September.


La Horde on MySpace


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