New pics and psychedelica from THE MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD
  • Mar 30
  • New pics and psychedelica from THE MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD
  • Posted by Deljhp - 30/03/10 at 11:30 AM

Theres some new character pics, and one hell of a psychedelic new poster to be seen over at the official blog for Noboru Iguchi and Yoshihiro Nishimura’s (‘Machine Girl,’ ‘Robo-Geisha’) latest Japanese gore fest - come genre mash-up - The Mutant Girls Squad. Of all the ones on show our particular fave so far has to be the tentacle armed nurse. With tiny arms where her ears should be girl, coming a close Second. Check them all out at the links.

Synopsis: Rin, a bullied teenager discovers her arm has mutated into a razor-sharp weapon on her 16th birthday. A shadow government organization immediately begins hunting her down, slaughtering her parents in the process, but Rin is saved in the nick of time by a super-powered being called 'Hiruko'. Soon, mutants from all over Japan are gathered together and begin militant training to overthrow the government. Meanwhile, Rin is fitted with a special iron mask and begins her life as a 'battle girl', utilizing both her mutant powers and acrobatic abilities to fight against mutant-hunting special forces.


Mutant Girls Squad official blog

Mutant Girls Squad official site

Plotline via Nipponcinema


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