New stills from French horror CAPTIFS (aka CAGED)
  • May 24
  • New stills from French horror CAPTIFS (aka CAGED)
  • Posted by Deljhp - 24/05/10 at 08:31 AM

After producing such superb scare flicks as ‘Martyrs,’ ‘À l'intérieur’ and 'Frontière(s),' when France is due a new horror flick, it’s always worth taking notice. The latest to come our way are some new stills from first timer director Yann Gozlan’s horror thriller Captifs (aka Caged). Its still a long ways off hitting our shores, but we‘re keeping close tabs on it for updates. Caged stars Zoe Felix, Eric Savin and Arie Elmaleh and is due for release October 2010.

Synopsis: Somewhere in Eastern Europe. Carole is a young nurse with a humanitarian aid group that has reached the end of its mission. But just then, the young woman and her two colleagues are kidnapped by strangers for mysterious reasons. Held captive, cared for and kept alive in an oppressive and sinister setting, the three prisoners soon discover with horror what their kidnappers truly have in store for them...



Caged stills 1 2 3


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