Oddball Russian genre flick NIGHT FIGHTER
  • Aug 10
  • Oddball Russian genre flick NIGHT FIGHTER
  • Posted by Deljhp - 10/08/09 at 11:41 AM

That’s genre with a capital “G.” Horror, action, Sci-Fi, thriller, fantasy, comedy….As is often the case with Russian films, the makers of this latest Indy mash-up titled Night Fighter, seem to have thrown every genre they can think of (though they did miss out westerns) at a production to see what sticks. The storyline - as best we can make out - revolves around sixteen year old computer game guru Lisa, who brings one of her creations from cyber space into reality. The result being lots of blood, guts and it appears....Chainsaws. The plot is baffling, the visuals looks great fun, the trailer is at the link. Night Fighter opens in Russia next month.



Night Fighter trailer


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