Poster and trailer for Chinese handcam horror THE CASES
  • May 28
  • Poster and trailer for Chinese handcam horror THE CASES
  • Posted by Deljhp - 28/05/12 at 05:46 PM

After a shaky start (still, saying that, it’s only been over the last couple of years they’ve really been allowed to make them) the quality of mainland Chinese horror movies seems to be improving in leaps and bounds. Latest to catch our eye is a hand-cam horror The Cases, based around a group of paranormal investigators travelling across Asia - on the hunt for ghostly, bloody, goings on and it seems they find them!

The Cases has been given a category III rating which is pretty much the highest there is. So we expect it to be nice n gruesome. Cases opens in China and HK, May 31.

Synopsis: Edmond Poon, a renowned Hong Kong DJ hosts a psychic programs, supported by the meta physical masters and warlocks from Southeast Asia who acts as advisors, leads a psychic exploring team to scout for little-known mysterious and supernatural cases or strange customs including Soul-grabbing Witchcraft, Menstruation Witchcraft, Headless Horseman, Suicide Curses and a Secret Organization know only as “Shadow Team,” to name a few. Many precious clips are uncovered for the first time providing gruesome viewing experience, and hints to what exactly ultimately caused the teams demise.

The Cases trailer


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