Posters and trailers for Thai horror MEAT GRINDER
  • Dec 07
  • Posters and trailers for Thai horror MEAT GRINDER
  • Posted by Deljhp - 07/12/08 at 01:54 PM

Back in October we carried first news on Meat Grinder - which looked like a rather bloody new Thai horror from local production house Phranakorn film, but until now, with the release of a first trailer we didn’t realise just how bloody. This is right up there in ‘Art Of The Devil’ territory on the gore factor front. Still no word on a synopsis, but watching the trail there seems to be a more than a hint of ‘Sweeney Todd’ (with Noodles rather than Pies) about proceedings. Below are links to the posters, the teaser and full trailers. Pretty much all of which are not work safe. Meat grinder is due for release in the new year.




Meat Grinder teaser trailer

Meat Grinder full trailer

Meat Grinder posters 1 2


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08/12/08 Posted by
at 12:10 AM

Yes we think someone at Phranakorn has def been watching AOTD movies. Even the poster art looks similar.

07/12/08 Posted by
at 07:59 PM

This just looks gruesome…