• Jun 10
  • ROBO-GEISHA: UK DVD review
  • Posted by Deljhp - 10/06/10 at 06:55 AM

Director: Iguchi Noboru. Review: Adam Wing.

It’s that time of the month again. From the team that brought us The Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police comes an endearing tale of two sisters and their unrelenting love, did I mention the fact that they’re robots? Robo-Geisha is Iguchi Noboru’s latest anarchic assault on the senses so if you thought geishas were quiet and demure; it’s time to think again. Special effects wizard Nishimura Yoshihiro provides the sublime visual trickery as Robo Geisha unleashes all-out geisha war on modern-day Japan. If you’ve seen the likes of Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl you all ready know what to expect, but this time they’ve added a pinch of sci-fi to the mix as well. Sexploitation, splatter, action, disposable body parts and pure insanity are the order of the day here, as an army of geisha assassins, samurai robots, giant killer robots and what can best be described as a transformer geisha, do battle for your attention. You all ready know if this is your thing, so I don’t need to mention the mouth chainsaw, hip katakana, bust machine gun, poisonous squirting breast milk, shrimp tempura and butt blades. Kiguchi Aya leads a hot young cast that includes Hasebe Hitomi, Ikuta Etsuko and Asami, and Saitoh Takumi, Matsuo Suzuki and Takenaka Naoto do their best to keep up.....Continue reading review here.

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