Teaser for Malay creature feature JIN HUTAN
  • Jan 19
  • Teaser for Malay creature feature JIN HUTAN
  • Posted by Deljhp - 19/01/09 at 07:16 PM

Malaysia does keep churning out the genre pics, with varying degrees of success. Latest creation to catch our eye is Director Jeffery Wong’s creature feature come ghost flick, Jin Hutan (aka Mountain Spirit). Production value wise it’s not right up there, but the effects look pretty good for a low budget horror, and the cast all perform roles their (and scream) with gusto. We've posted a short synopsis below, but if you feeling up to it theres a hugely long one to be read here. Jin Hutan opens in Malaysia in March. 

Synopsis: A group of reporters from China with the help of two local reporters to do a research about the natural ecology topic and investigate the senior maternity health care herbal. They have entered to a tropical forest for this research. It should be a quite relaxed journey but it been hide a crisis. They have been attack by an unknown monster and their friend being die one another, in the same time the landslide has block their way out. They struggle for survive and later calm down investigate and analyze the actual fact.

Jin Hutan teaser trailer


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