Thailand has released DANGEROUS BOYS
  • Nov 04
  • Thailand has released DANGEROUS BOYS
  • Posted by Deljhp - 04/11/14 at 08:34 PM

We’re playing catch up here after a brief hiatus, and the first thing to strike (while we get back into the swing of things) is the fact that Thailands gone all 'Crows Zero' on us, with a teen school gang fight fest of their very own.... Dangerous Boys. Not Takashi Miike by any means, but looks pretty good.

Synopsis: The conflict arose between two shorts gangsters from two different schools one was led by Peng and another one was led by Thing. Peng and Thing were good friends before. They confronted and started their gangster fight every time they met. The conflict between them became worse when Rung, Maew’s sister from Thing’s gang, went in a relationship with Peng. After that, the two gangsters made their biggest confrontment. As a consequence, they were punished by the school and they were warned not to make such violence again. Peng has a younger brother named Pongpang. Pongpang instead dreamed to have his own music band. He diligently trained himself wishing to have his own live concert. Pongpang and his friends put their music performance on Youtube and it became so popular with incredible number of views. They were contacted to participate as an opening music band in a concert of a famous singer. Unfortunately, Thing heard of the story and manged to bring his gangster to ruin the concert. He wanted to destroy the dream of Peng’s only brother. Peng also knew of Thing’s evil plan. Peng immediately gather his gangster to stop Thing. The only thing that Peng worried is that he promised his mum not to cause more trouble ever. Peng now need to choose between his respectful mum and his beloved brother.

Dangerous Boys trailer


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