THE KILLERS: Blu-Ray Review
  • Feb 13
  • THE KILLERS: Blu-Ray Review
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Director: Don Siegel. Review: Adam Wing.

Commissioned as the very first 'TV movie', Don Siegel's compelling thriller would be forgiven for being utterly forgettable. As it turns out, The Killers is a bit of a gem, complimented by great casting, strong performances and sparkling dialogue. "I gotta find out what makes a man decide not to run. Why all of a sudden he'd rather die." And so it begins. Hitman Charlie (Lee Marvin) can't quite work out why his high-priced victim, Johnny North (John Cassavetes), gives up without a fight. Obsessed with the answer, Charlie and his hot-headed partner, Lee (Clu Gulager), track down Johnny's associates, including Ronald Reagan in his last screen role, uncovering a complex web of crime and deceit along the way.

The Killers is loosely inspired by the Ernest Hemingway story of the same name. It's the second Hollywood adaptation, first brought to life in 1946 by Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner. Directed by Don Siegel (Dirty Harry), The Killers is available for the first time in high definition courtesy of Arrow Films. The Killers is best remembered for two reasons. The first being Ronald Reagan's last ever foray. Sources close to Reagan claim that he was disappointed with himself for taking on the role of 'chief bad guy', particularly with a scene where he's seen to strike the leading lady. He feared the scene might have repercussions later on as his political career took flight. He shouldn't have worried. It's not like he became the most powerful man in the world or anything...Continue reading review.

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