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Director: Chu Yen-Ping. Review: Adam Wing.

Chu Yen-Ping, Jay Chou and Eric Tsang were last seen together making the instantly forgettable Kung Fu Dunk, a mess of a movie that failed to live up to fan-fuelled expectation. Which probably explains why we are forced to endure yet another collaboration so soon, but lets try to look on the bright side here, Treasure Hunter is a far better movie than Kung Fu Dunk could ever claim to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a good movie in the traditional sense of the word, but to compare it to Kung Fu Dunk is like comparing losing an arm to having all of your limbs ripped off. Not the most attractive of propositions then, but when all is said and done; it could’ve been a whole lot worse.

Treasure Hunter brings new meaning to the word generic, lacking character, story development and an identity of its own. Far worse, you would expect an action adventure movie of this type to have the occasional action set piece and perhaps maybe a sprinkling of adventure, but Treasure Hunter is found wanting on both fronts. If you’re looking for depth, perhaps it’s time to unearth your Stephen Sommers collection again. Treasure Hunter packs less punch than an army of G.I. Joe’s, and is more terrifying than a night out with Van Helsing...Continue reading review.

Treasure Hunter trailer


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