THE WARRIOR’S WAY heading for UK DVD & Blu-ray
  • Jan 10
  • THE WARRIOR’S WAY heading for UK DVD & Blu-ray
  • Posted by Deljhp - 10/01/11 at 03:39 PM

We’ve been singing the praises of Sngmoo Lee’s; Martial arts Western - starring Jang Dong-Gun, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush and Danny Huston - The Warrior’s Way since before the Ark, and if you missed it on its rather limited UK theatrical run you’ll soon finally get your chance to see it, as its heading for UK DVD and Blu-ray..March 28th. No word yet on a release date across the pond, which is a little odd considering the movie opened in the U.S at exactly the same time (last December 3rd) as the rest of the planet, but we assume it will be along shortly?

Synopsis: Yang (Jang Dong Gun), the world’s greatest swordsman, flees to America after killing all of his enemies except one – a baby girl that he takes with him. He arrives in a once-thriving, now forgotten carnival town, where he encounters Lynne (Kate Bosworth) a fiery knife-thrower, whose playful charm warms his battle-numbed heart. Obsessed with revenge against The Colonel (Danny Huston), who killed her family, Lynne urges Yang to teach her the art of the sword. Ron (Geoffrey Rush), with a wisdom that belies his status as the town drunk, warns Yang to keep moving. But when his new friends are threatened by the vicious Hell Riders, Yang is forced to unsheathe his sword, knowing that the ring of its blade will reveal his location. The ensuing battle rises to an epic crescendo with the arrival of Yang’s terrifying foes from the Far East.

Warriors Way HD trailer

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