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Director: Philip Spink. Review: Adam Wing

Kill Bill star and Kung Fu legend David Carradine returns to the small screen in two feature length productions directed by Philip Spink, forgive the pun but Kung Fu fanatics will probably get a real kick out of the 72 year olds return to martial arts television, the rest of the world will just have to suffer. The show reunites Carradine with Daryl Hannah, not to mention a fine array of Eastern talent. Most notably Pei-pei Cheng of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame and the welcome return of Anya (Naked Weapon), after a near fatal car accident which has left her scarred for life. Though it has to be said the scars are barely visible now and she still looks absolutely stunning. Welcome back Anya.

I’ve never been a huge fan of David Carradine’s style of acting, the slow and deliberate approach he utilises is coma inducing to me and at the ripe old age of 72 his character of Crane makes Steven Seagal appear athletic. Word to the wise, no amount of camera tricks and fast editing can disguise the fact that David Carradine is about as frightening as a kitten in a pink dress. Daryl Hannah stars as Jane Marshall, a New York lounge singer at a Shanghai nightclub, memories of her wonderful turn in Kill Bill V.2 appear lost forever as she takes on the thankless task of an Indiana Jones style sidekick with the vocal range of a crow. Pei-pei Cheng’s appearance is a nice touch if not a little fleeting and the rest of the acting ranges from wooden to get me a box of matches and we’ll burn them all too hell thanks. So far so bad then.....Continue reading review.


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