Tilda Swinton set to become THE BLOOD COUNTESS?
  • Jun 26
  • Tilda Swinton set to become THE BLOOD COUNTESS?
  • Posted by Deljhp - 26/06/10 at 09:02 AM

Now if this isn’t an example of a superb casting decision, we don’t know what is. Tilda Swinton is currently being tipped to star in a German/English horror co-production about the life story of the Countess Báthory, titled The Blood Countess (aka Die Blutgräfin). Unlike Julie Delpy’s 2009 contemporary retelling (‘The Countess’) of the infamous lady's story, it looks like director Ulrike Ottinger’s new version will take a more “artistic” slant of events. The plotline reads more like a - Countess Dracula - approach to her reign, as the murderous Vampire aristocrat who was said to bathe in Virgins blood. Here’s hoping Tilda definitely takes the role, her playing a bloodthirsty Vampire noble women, cutting a bloody rampage across Europe, is something we’d pay good money to see. Still in pre-production The Blood Countess is due out next year.

Synopsis: Impatiently awaiting the arrival of her devoted maid Hermine, the countess Erzsébeth Báthory, also known as La Comtesse Sanglante, a tigress in human disguise, ascends into the open daylight. At breathtaking speed, the two women race through a Vienna of ghoulish beauty. Their entourage: Báthorys nephew Bubi, a vegetarian vampire who refuses to follow family traditions, his therapist, two wacky vampirologists, some members of the duelling fraternity "Vampiria", an all-female music ensemble, and many more. "Wiener Blut", Viennese blood is shed by the buckets while the hearts of the present Habsburgians and Viennese beat high. This is a cracked journey to the roots of a myth that has lost nothing of its appeal: to the Vampyre Empire! Naturally, the showdown takes place at Vienna´s "Prater" - during a midnight supper on that fair´s famous Ferris wheel.


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