Times aren’t hard for THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN
  • Oct 07
  • Times aren’t hard for THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN
  • Posted by Dorrystavern - 07/10/14 at 03:29 PM

The Incredible Melting Man is the ‘70s cult classic that saw special effects legend Rick Baker (Thriller, An American Werewolf in London, Men in Black) lend his hand to another memorable horror creature. The new Blu-ray and DVD editions arrive in time for Halloween on 13th October 2014. Originally starting life as a comedy under the title The Ghoul from Outer Space, The Incredible Melting Man has had remarkable staying power due to the credible comedic performances given by nearly everyone in the cast.

Of course, the effects from Baker still manage to turn one’s stomach decades after they were put on film. Additionally, the score by Arlon Ober (and the Cosmic Consort Orchestra) provides a pitch-perfect accompaniment to the on-screen action. Finally, the film looks darn good. Some viewers have complained about the lighting being flat but the restored print makes the film look as good as it ever could be. The movie includes an audio commentary with writer/director William Sachs, a Super-8 digest of the film, an interview with legendary make-up artist Rick Baker and an interview with William Sachs.

Synopsis: When spacecraft Scorpio V returns to Earth following a mission to Saturn, two of the crew are dead and the third, astronaut Steve West, is in a critical condition. Critical, that is, until he rises from his hospital bed to bite chunks out of a nurse before escaping into the surrounding countryside. The authorities set about trying to track Steve down before he claims any other victims, but they don’t know the really bad news yet – Steve is also highly radioactive!

The Incredible Melting Man Trailer


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