Trailer for Indonesian horror BLOODY SISTER GEPENG
  • Sep 19
  • Trailer for Indonesian horror BLOODY SISTER GEPENG
  • Posted by Deljhp - 19/09/12 at 08:09 AM

Get ready for a cheese overload. A first trailer is out for Indonesian horror Bloody Sister Gepeng and they’ve thrown everything bar the kitchen sink at it. Ghost, goblins, psycho nurses, WWII Japanese soldiers?, teens in peril and a strangely unidentifiable trans-gender character all make an appearance. It’s wall to wall (made for pennies) naive B-movie Fromage, from beginning to end, and for that we should perhaps be truly thankful? Keep a special eye out for the fake blood - that’s patently thrown at the wall - straight from a bucket! Bad, mad, campy fun. Made our day…that’s for sure.



Bloody Sister Gepeng trailer


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