Trailer for Japanese horror thriller JOKER GAME
  • Nov 20
  • Trailer for Japanese horror thriller JOKER GAME
  • Posted by Deljhp - 20/11/12 at 06:12 PM

It’s a sad fact that there are very few horror movies coming out of Japan these days, and even fewer look like they are worth a mention. But not perhaps today! The first trailer for Takafumi Watanabe’s horror thriller Joker Game has caught our eye, and playing the optimist card, we’re not going to let the fact that the majority of the cast are straight out of a ton of J-pop groups put us off…just yet.

The background of the movie is in a camp where a class of 30 high school seniors is placed in a survival game. Kitahara will take the role of Chinatsu Akazawa, a 3rd-year high school student at a prefectural college prep school. When all of the third-year students go on a camp trip together, they are forced to participate in a card game of “Old Maid.” However, the camp is actually part of an experiment by the national government to put an end to the country’s declining education and to boost the students’ “humanity” – meaning that the game is really a deadly test that will truly decide their fates.

Yes all very ‘Battle Royale,’ but we’ll get our fix of (half decent) J-horror, however we can get it these days.

Joker Game is slated for December 22nd release. Trailers below.

Joker Game trailer

Plotline via Jetfusion


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