U.F.O. DVD Review
  • Dec 15
  • U.F.O. DVD Review
  • Posted by Deljhp - 15/12/12 at 09:16 AM

Director: Dominic Burns. Review: Adam Wing.

From Hard Target to Street Fighter, Kickboxer to Kung Fu Panda, Legionnaire to Timecop and Bloodsport to The Expendables, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s movie career continues to baffle, bewilder and delight in equal measures. Well perhaps not equal measures but you get the point. That trend is set to continue this month with the release of Dominic Burns’ sci-fi thriller U.F.O.

With the occasional high and plenty of lows to his name, the Muscles from Brussels seemed to have rediscovered himself with star turns in 2008’s JCVD, the Coors Light advertising campaign and Stallone’s 80’s action throwback. Proving himself quite the comeback kid, the world rejoiced as Van Damme returned to form with a dazzling spin kick. Just the one spin kick mind, let’s not get carried away here. Having said that, it’s worked for almost thirty years now so why change things? It’s not like Steven Seagal ever used his feet, I doubt very much he’s seen them in years.

When I heard that Revolver Entertainment was set to release Van Damme’s eagerly anticipated action thriller, it was met with a wave of giddy excitement. Especially when I learned it was to co-star the legendary Mr Brosnan in a leading role. Van Damme and Brosnan together at last in a British action thriller, available in selected cinemas from 14th December 2012, and on DVD, Blu-Ray, Download and On-Demand from December 24th. Christmas (for a time at least) seemed to be coming a day early...Continue review here.

U.F.O trailer


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