Watch 23 Troma Entertainment films online for free
  • May 23
  • Watch 23 Troma Entertainment films online for free
  • Posted by Adgy - 23/05/10 at 11:18 PM

It's a match made in a dumpster! is currently hosting 23 different films from Troma Entertainment online for everyone (in the U.S.) to watch for free! If you're at all a fan of low budget, cheesy horror you're probably already a fan of Troma's films. If not, here's a great chance to become one. Among the films available for free streaming is the first feature film from South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Cannibal! The Musical, the first 4 Toxic Avenger films, Surf Nazis Must Die, Killer Condom, Poultrygeist, Nymphoid Barbarian In Dinosaur Hell and Mother's Day.

Despite what your parents might think, there are worse ways to spend the rest of the day.

Check out Hulu's Troma Page.


Thanks to Cinematical for the heads up!


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