When Cheese attacks. Chinese b-horror SNAKE CURSE
  • Feb 02
  • When Cheese attacks. Chinese b-horror SNAKE CURSE
  • Posted by Deljhp - 02/02/09 at 02:07 PM

For the lovers of bad cinema everywhere, we present what looks like one supremely cheesy Chinese B-Horror, titled Snake Curse. As far as we can tell the film was originally released back in around 1995, but for some reason it’s now set to get a second theatrical release next month in mainland China.

The “plot” revolves around a mad scientists experiments in blending human and snake DNA - the result being a Medusa like femme fatale, who goes on a killing spree. Suffice to say it looks (watch for the scene where the hand puppet Snake leaps from the cupboard) brilliantly bad, and has everything from a dodgy CGI to Kung-fu fights.


Snake Curse trailer


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