Nice Story of Barry Allen in the Latest Movie of The Flash

Nice Story of Barry Allen in the Latest Movie of The Flash

Nice Story of Barry Allen in the Latest Movie of The Flash – Movies regarding superheroes are dominated by the characters from the DC and Marvel comics. Marvel’s Avengers and DC’s League of Justice are surely interesting. In 2023, what people are going to see is nice movie of one of the superhero members in DC Comics. Some years ago, Batman and Superman have got many titles of movies. Then, there was also Aquaman and the Amazonian Goddess Wonder Woman. In 2023, it is the turn for The Flash. It is known as the fastest superhero in DC comics or Justice League. In the movie, it is quite interesting because Barry Allen, the name of human who becomes The Flash, gets some conflicts in life that lead him to a serious decision that can change the future of human.

Barry Allen has lost his mother in the past. He knew how his mother died because he was in the next room of the room where his mother was killed. To make it worse, his father was jailed because his father became the suspect while the real criminal could not be captured by the police. The bad story in the past was like nightmare that kept haunting Barry Allen even when grew older and got superpower to become The Flash. He also could not keep up with his job and his relationship. It was the moment when he understood his power. He knew that with his fast speed, he could walk into the past. When he knew about it, he wanted to return to the past so he could save his mother and prevent his dad get jailed. However, Bruce Wayne as the Batman suggested him to forget his intention because what he wanted to do could change the future of human. In the end, Barry ignored Bruce’s suggestion and he returned to the past. He really returned to the past and he could also prevent the tragedy. However, it was just short happiness. What he did really brought some disaster. When he returned to the past, he met Kara Zor-El. She was the Supergirl. She was Cryptonian like Superman and she was still relative of Superman.

In the story of past life where he returned with his special power, Barry Allen found out that he was not the only superhero. As what is mentioned, he met Supergirl. In this multiverse, Supergirl fought against General Zod. In the end, Barry got involved in the conflict. In the final fight, it was not only The Flash and Supergirl who fought against General Zod. The epic battle also involved Batman and old-version of Batman. Four of them started the fight and it was getting serious when General Zod said that Kal-El had died. Supergirl got infuriated and she started to fight with her full power. In the beginning of the epic battle, it seemed that four of them could defeat General Zod. However, the table turned and the condition got worse when actually Supergirl and Batman got defeated and died. Knowing this fact and being aware that he could not win, he decided to his power to turn back the time to save both of them. However, it did not change anything. Batman and Supergirl got killed again by Zod. Knowing the outcome, the older version of Barry Allen was aware that their death was inevitable so it could not be undone.

Although the wiser Barry Allen had said so, the younger Barry Allen did not believe it. He kept trying to change the timeline. In the end, what he did made the timeline of the world disrupted. Many timelines appeared showing different stories. He even found the Dark Flash that tried to kill him together with the wiser Barry Allen. The different timelines and dangers that could happen because of action made him realize the truth and he finally made decision to let her mom die and did not change the past. Before he made the final decision, he saw something in the security camera of grocery store that could give him glimpse of chance to save everything. What he did really create the big changes. He could not save his mother, but at least the murderer got captured and he could save his dad from the jail. Barry even could get better relationship with his crush, Irish West. This was not the ending of the movie. In fact, what he did still had the butterfly effect. He knew it when he saw Batman.

The story is interesting. The ending of the movie also make many fans guess what are going to happen to the Batman. In the ending, it is the Clooney’s Batman that appears. Then, the whole story itself is quite different from normal superhero stories. Generally, superheroes going back to the past are to prevent catastrophe as what was found in the X-Man: Day of Future Past. However in this movie, Barry Allen as The Flash decided to move to the past for his private matter. Of course, this gives nice point of view and the movie makes fans guess what are going to appear in the next movies of DC Superheroes.