Storyline of the Transformers: Rise of the Beast

Storyline of the Transformers Rise of the Beast

Storyline of the Transformers: Rise of the BeastMany movies are released in 2023. Some of them have got released officially in cinemas and got success with huge numbers of fans enjoying the movies. One of them is the Transformers: Rise of the Beast. This is another story of Transformers. After some movies showing the story of how Optimus Prime and his crews of Autobots fought against the enemies and in the end protect the earth, the new story brings something more interesting. Some moments ago, Optimus Prime and his crews worked together with the some dinosaur robots. In the latest Transformers: Rise of the Beast, new characters appears and they are beasts. To more specifics, they are wild animals in a form of robots. As what is found in the previous movies where huge tyrannosaurus and other dinosaurs could turned into humanoid-shape of robot, those animals can do the same in Transformers: Rise of the Beast. Of course, the story is quite different in this movie.

The movie is directed by Steven Caple Jr. as for the story, it is written by Joby Harold and his teams. It is said that the Transformers: Rise of the Beast is the standalone sequel of the Bumblebee that was released in 2018. In addition to the new stories and new characters, of course there are also some new actors and actresses seen in the movie. As for the story of the movie, now the Autobots do not fight against Decepticons anymore. The enemies are different but these are something interesting about the movie. In the movie, Noah Diaz becomes the main character. He was a former military mechanic. After he was out of the military, he was trying to find new job. Accidentally, he met Mirage. Mirage is member of Autobots. His meeting with Mirage brings new challenge in his life. He got involved in the mission of Autobots that are looking for ancient relic. The Autobots need the relic so they can return to their planet. As what the stories of other Transformers movie, Autobots cannot do the mission alone and they need the human partner to help them. They need to find the relics that lead to them to the South America. In the process, Noah got assisted by Elena Wallace. She was the one who could read the ancient texts and break the code to find the relics.

Of course, Transformers are not interesting without enemies. In the Transformers: Rise of the Beast, the enemies are not the members of Decepticons led by Megatron. The enemies are led by Unicron. Unicron is a robot who destroy planets and the inhabitants in there. In doing the mission to find new planets, Unicron sent Scourge and other members of Terrorcon. What was seen in the movie in the early moment is Scourge. The robot defeat the enemies to complete his mission. Even, Scourge has collected the faction emblems of his destroyed opponents. Among those emblems, there are emblems of Autobots and Decepticons. During the mission of Noah and the members of Autobots to find the ancient relic, the mission led them to meet the Maximal. Maximal are led by Apelinq, it is a gigantic ape robot and his crews are other beasts. Similar to Autobots who are from another planet, Apelinq and the members of Maximal came from other planet but it is not Cybertron. Apelinq decides to help Autobots and give the leadership command to Optimus Prime to protect his members.

The story is actually more interesting. One of the factors are the beasts and how the Autobots try to find and break the code that lead to the ancient relic. As for the story, it is inspired by Beast Wars: Transformers. This was TV Series in 1996. In the TV series, the Beasts were there and it is how Transformers: Rise of the Beast got the story. Of course, what the movie shows are different from the TV Series. Mostly, it is only about theme and characters, but the story is different. Some of the difference can be seen from the background of the story. In the TV Series, it took the some decades in the future but the Transformers: Rise of the Beast took the setting of 1994. Steven Caple Jr. as the director of the movie said that he loved to watch the TV series so it is normal that there is adaptation from it.

In the stories, there are not only Autobots, Maximals, and Terrorcons. There are also Predacons and these are the archenemies of the Maximals. In other word, conflict of Predacons and Maximals are similar to the conflict between Autobots and Decepticons. As for what happen in the future, it is said that the Transformers: Rise of the Beast is part of a trilogy. However, there is still no information regarding the next movie and the plot about the other two stories. That is why the fans are waiting for the new information about it. However, Paramount has said that the new movie of Transformers will be ready in 2014 so it is worth the wait.